Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies

Host a Professional Event, Draw a Crowd, and Let PSE Take Care of Everything

The Pittsburgh Social Exchange has added Ribbon cuttings and custom event planning events to its core competencies for new businesses that open or that are rebranding in the Pittsburgh area. There was a need in the Pittsburgh market for this 'product' for two reasons:

  1. New businesses or organizations in many cases don’t have the time, experience, or staff to put together the event.
  2. New or rebranding businesses and/or organizations have a need for other outlets to draw 50 – 150 new and potential customers into their establishment for the ceremony.

PSE has the goal of doing 3 – 5 ribbon cutting ceremonies each year. Since PSE is a local business (not a 501(c)3), unlike a local chamber of commerce, we charge for this service and handle most of the logistics. We do however bring added value to the ceremony that free ceremonies often do not. For information about hosting a Ribbon Cutting or custom private events/campaigns please e-mail: info@pghse.com. We provide everything you need to make your event a big success! Leave the planning to us!

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