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What is The Pittsburgh Social Exchange (PSE)?

PSE is a business networking organization. We cater to corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, and other new and successful professionals. The reason PSE events are so successful is that they are very highly attended and very diverse in levels of leadership. We are called the 'Social Exchange' because we create events that allow high caliber business people to participate in an environment/venue that is open, unique, and where food and drink are always served. Don't let the word "social" intimidate you. What makes us such a social organization is our members and guests enjoy that they can create new business relationships, build upon current ones, and make many friends along the way. Membership is affordable and considering the value offered, very competitively priced for the Pittsburgh market. 

When are your events?

The Pittsburgh Social Exchange events are usually every third Wednesday evening of each month, unless a major holiday interferes. We host anywhere from 20-30 events per year. The lunch and speakers series varies on the calendar. Occasionally there will be a side event, grand opening, cigars & scotch tasting, wine tasting, or other unique event at other times of the month. We make sure to communicate upcoming events and any potential changes via email. In addition, they are all listed on our home page and also under the events tab above. Our core monthly events yield anywhere from 250 - 600 participants depending on the theme, partners and location while the side events are typically smaller and more "boutique functions." Occasionally we offer members-only events that are not listed on the website.

Is this a Young Professionals Group?

No. Although we have our fair share of young professionals that participate, we cater mainly to business owners, corporate executives, and other leaders in business. We have a healthy mix of individuals on all levels, but if you are looking specifically for a young professionals group - we encourage you to visit our friends at Pittsburgh Young Professionals: www.PYP.org

How many members do you have?

The Pittsburgh Social Exchange has over 1,250 members in good standing. The organization, however, gauges success based on our 30,000 active e-mail subscribers in the Greater Pittsburgh Area. Each event consists of about 60% members and 40% visitors, guests, and first-time participants. That being said, we have new faces at every event.

If I apply for membership, when does it start and end?

In most cases, when someone applies for any membership level, it begins the day they are approved, typically within 48-72 business hours. Membership continues for one year from that day. For example, it you join November 5th then your membership expires November 4th the following year. 

Can you please send all of your members and subscribers an e-mail blast about our event/worthy cause/charity benefit/new business/etc.?

We get this request very often, and unfortunately, we simply cannot. This is not something we do, or something we feel is in the best interest of our subscribers. However, we do often spotlight charitable organizations at most events by giving them a table and 2 free passes to attend a specific event. This allows them to personally meet individuals that may show an interest in their cause. Other vendors pay a fee as an exhibitor at events. If there is a promotion for an event that benefits a charitable cause that PSE elects to promote, it is with a PSE member in good standing, the date must not conflict with any other PSE event and there is a $500 fee. This will only give them space in the side bar of two standard e-mail invitations that we send to our database. Most individuals that ask PSE to promote their cause/benefit/event/etc. are referred to this page. If you are interested in a donation, please see below.

Would you sponsor/make a donation for my event?

We also get this request very frequently; however, we try to participate as often as possible. We love to helping other organizations and/or events in or around the Pittsburgh area. Please note that due to the amount of requests we get, we cannot accommodate every worthy cause. If you would like to request a donation, please download print and submit the Donation Request Form and follow the instructions.

What is your registration and cancellation/refund policy for events?

We strongly suggest that guests preregister. This helps us gather an accurate head count for food as many of our events involve hundreds of guests and participants. Cancellations received within 48 hours of the event will be charged the full registration fee, with no refunds since we have, at that time, already placed our food and beverage orders. A refund is available if cancellation is made more than 48 hours prior to the event. If an event registrant would like to transfer an event ticket into someone else's name, PSE must be notified of the replacement more than 24 hours in advance. The replacement must be a PSE member if the registrant paid the rate of a member in good standing. Those who paid in full but did not show up for the event will still be charged the full registration fee. Walk-in's on event day are accepted based on availability and at a higher ticket price.

Do you have or serve food at your events?

Most of the events we host have limited food or light fare available depending on the venue and what they are able to provide. We don't recommend coming to a Pittsburgh Social Exchange event with an empty stomach despite the fact that many of our venues go above and beyond to showcase their menu options. Often times the hors d'oeuvres and appetizers are finished long before the event concludes.

This is my first time learning of The Pittsburgh Social Exchange and I am thinking about joining. Can I come for free to the next event just to try it out?

Of course you can attend, and we would love to meet you and learn more about your company! However, we do not offer free events. We have found that there is no value in offering events for free. If you are a non-member and would like to try it out, simply pay the non-member fee to attend the event then decide if membership is for you. Be advised though, no event we host is ever the same, so don't think you will get the same experience after just one meeting.

Can you send me/Can I see your membership directory?

Yes, but only if you are a member. Members log into their account at the upper right corner of our home page and then click on the Directory tab. All of our members are listed there as well as a means to communicate with them directly.

Can I host an event at my place of business?

Most venues cannot hold 200+ attendees, so it is not usual to host events at one's place of business (unless it is a smaller side event). It doesn't hurt to ask, so call or e-mail us at (412)265-2315 or info@pghse.com let us know your ideas! Our bar tabs range anywhere from $2,000 - $7,500 so it would also need to be an alcohol-friendly environment with food options.

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